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  History of Ministries of Hope Christian Church

Ministries of Hope Christian Church is a bible teaching, spirit filled, faith based body of believers whose premise is on building up the Kingdom of God. Senior Pastor and founder, Rev. Floree Williams, is the daughter of an ordained pastor, and grew up in a spiritual environment.  She learned at an early age to have reverence, fear, and respect for the Trinity.  She answered God’s call to do more, and to go to the next level of service.  Pastor Williams let it be known that God had called her to step out and go forth with the vision that He had given her.  She revealed the good news to Brother Bobby Williams (her husband), her family, and others, all of whom encouraged her and were willing to lend their support to build up the Kingdom of God. 

​In April 2007, Ministries of Hope had its first meeting at the Wingate Inn in Stafford, Virginia with thirteen members.  In September 2008, The Lord provided Ministries of Hope with another place of worship in North Stafford.


However, to Pastor Williams and the Ministries of Hope Christian Church family, it doesn't matter where we meet, but whether or not God’s people are being fed. Our church family is about reaching across and beyond the barriers of race, culture, denomination, and tradition to unite us under the true Lordship of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that the Word of God is universal.  We also believed that Jesus Christ desires a church unified across every possible boundary, and we have committed ourselves to seeing this become a reality.

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